Website Development

In addition to Web site design, YI Designs will handle the development of your entire site. Even if you’re unsure of exactly what components you need, our team can help you determine what you need based on information you supply. We will code your site using a combination of CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript and whatever other components are necessary to create a cohesive, fully functional Web site for your company.

Our knowledgeable team can also develop any databases you need for your Web site and create forms, a log-in system and pages to display the data you collect. We’ll communicate with you regularly to ensure we’re clear on the components you need and test each page and component thoroughly to make sure everything’s running correctly.

YI Designs will also help you transition the completed site to your server and help you test it out to make sure the transition was successful. We can import your existing data into the database tables we develop or hand over clean tables that can be populated through your new Web site.

We’ll also provide instruction to you and your staff on how to use the new Web site and can continue to provide follow-up testing, training and further development if needed.

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