Pointologist Website Design

The Pointologist aims to demystify the art and science of points to help discerning travelers afford a high-class lifestyle for less. We analyze the deals, find the best cards and programs, and will even redeem your points to find you the best possible values on tickets and rooms.

This site and its services are the brainchild of Nathan Schwarzbaum, a self-described “obsessed” traveler. From cards and planes to hotels and trains, Nathan always works to maximize his own ticketholder value. He’s immersed himself in strategies and techniques for optimizing loyalty and rewards programs.

Between trips, Nathan is a successful entrepreneur and digital marketer. Now, he’s combined his work expertise with his travel passion to bring you the best information and services in this field. You’ll find useful free tools to help you make sense of the points landscape, from our handy Reward Cards Finder to our Reward Point Wizard, which analyzes your points deals and grades them.

According to Nathan, “I’ve been travelling with my wife and two boys through all different life periods, planning four or five trips a year. I generate many points through my credit cards, thanks to my business, but even so, traveling is expensive, so I find the best values. I’m hard to please, and I want my trips to be as stress-free as possible. Yes, I like to have it all, and I’ll help you do the same.

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