YiDesigns provides professional and affordable copywriting that will truly make your business shine. Specializing in writing copy for email marketing blasts, press releases, brochures, marketing scripts, and more, YiDesigns truly stands out above the rest.

All of the marketing copy is delivered after a careful analysis of your business. YiDesigns knows that there is no one cut-and-dried solution when it comes to writing copy for marketing. Because of this, it’s important to take an ad hoc approach to each and every campaign. YiDesigns creates copy from the ground up, beginning with no assumptions and no preconceived notions of what your company is about. This allows for the creation of copy that meshes perfectly with your website, bringing you the best in creative marketing solutions.

YiDesigns also provide copyediting and proof reading – being academically trained in English Grammar, YiDesigns is able to tidy up copy that’s awkward, grammatically incorrect, or just not perfect enough. Perfection is the ultimate goal, and you won’t be provided with second-rate work.

Allow YiDesigns to handle all of your marketing copy needs!

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